• Technology Crossover Ventures

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    AUM : $9 billion

    Technology Crossover Ventures is a private equity and venture capital firm specializing in investments in leveraged buyouts, minority growth equity, full or partial recapitalizations for both diversification of capital structure and modifying shareholder equity, acquisition financings to supplement complementary add-on acquisitions, public market transactions, and public deal constructs in Fintech sector.

    The firm seeks to invest in growth stage, early, mid, and late venture stages, mature, and later stages of development in private and public companies. It seeks to provide guidance on initial public offerings, mergers and acquisitions, expansion and refinancing.

    It seeks to provide growth and acquisition capital to publicly trading companies in the form of PIPEs and also invests in its portfolio companies at the IPO stage and beyond. The firm seeks to invest in companies operating in the information technology sector, with a focus on, internet, business and financial services, software, and infrastructure markets.


    The firm typically invests between $10 million and $300 million in its portfolio companies with sales value of minimum $10 million, and minimum $25 million in case of companies based in Australia. It prefers to invest between $50 million and $200 million in companies based in United States and Australia. It co-invests for larger transactions and prefers to take a seat on the board of directors of its portfolio companies. The firm seeks minority or majority positions.

    Technology Crossover Ventures was founded in 1995 and is based in Palo Alto, California with additional offices in London, United Kingdom; and New York, New York.

    Areas of expertise

    It focuses on financial technology, government services, equipment and communications businesses, semiconductors, payments, mobile, security, storage, datacenter, enterprise software, healthcare IT, IT Infrastructure, Networking, Video, Telematics/ M2M, Consumer Electronics, communications infrastructure ,software-defined networking/network function virtualization; IT tools, Technology Enabled Service Industry, management and automation; content management and delivery; unified communications, e-commerce, wireless technology, computer hardware, and consumer internet sectors.

    It seeks to invest in companies based in North America, focusing on the United States and Canada as well as in Europe, Australia, Israel, and select international locations.

  • Temasek Holdings

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    AUM $275 billion

    Temasek Holdings Private Limited (abbreviated as Temasek) is a state-owned holding company that can be characterized as a national wealth fund owned by the Government of Singapore. Incorporated in 1974, Temasek owns and manages a net portfolio of S$275 billion (as of 31 March 2017), with S$18 billion divested and S$16 billion invested during the year, and 68% exposure to Asia – 29% Singapore and 39% Asia ex-Singapore. It is an active shareholder and investor, and their investments are guided by four key themes – transforming economies, growing middle income populations, deepening comparative advantages and emerging champions. Its portfolio covers a broad spectrum of sectors including financial services, telecommunications, media and technology, transportation and industrials, life sciences and agribusiness, consumer and real estate, energy and resources, as well as multi-sector funds. Temasek has a multinational team of 630 people, in 10 global offices including Singapore, New York, and most recently, San Francisco.

    Areas of expertise:

    Financial Services

    Telecommunications, media & technology

    Transportation & Industrials

    Consumer & real estate

    Life sciences& agribusiness

    Energy & Resources

    Multi-sector funds

    Other (including credit)

  • The Abraaj Group

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    AUM: $11 bn

    Founded in 2002 by Founder and Chief Executive Arif Naqvi, has pioneered the private equity industry in many of the markets where we operate.

    We have developed a purpose-built approach for investing in growth markets. Some of the world’s most demanding institutions have entrusted us to manage capital on their behalf. We currently manage US$ 11 billion in assets and are focused on investment strategies across private equity, private credit, impact investing and real estate. By combining deep local reach, a global platform and underwriting standards, with extensive operating capabilities, we generate industry-leading returns and create value in market-leading companies.

    Environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors are deeply embedded in our investment process, a proven value driver in our partner companies. Responsible investing that enhances financial returns is at the core of our philosophy. We aim to leave a positive footprint in our markets and are signatories to the UN-backed Principles for Responsible Investment and the United Nations Global Compact.


    Areas of Focus

    Private equity

    Private credit

    Impact investing

    Real estate.

  • Thomas H Lee Partners

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    AUM : $10 billion

    Thomas H. Lee Partners, L.P. is a private equity firm specializing in management-led buyouts, growth capital, mature, middle market, special situations, add-on acquisitions, recapitalizations for growth companies.

    It typically invests in companies headquartered in North America with a focus on United States. The firm invests in companies with enterprise values between $250 million and $2.5 billion.

    It prefers to take a majority stake. It seeks to acquire substantial ownership positions and board seat in its portfolio companies. The firm generally makes investments for five years and exit through outright sales, public offerings, recapitalizations, and joint ventures.

    Thomas H. Lee Partners, L.P. was founded in 1974 and is based in Boston, Massachusetts with an additional office in New York, New York.

    Areas of expertise

    The firm seeks to invest in business and financial services, consumer and healthcare, media and information services, telecommunications industrial, manufacturing, retail, hotels, restaurants and leisure, and entertainment sectors.

  • TLG Capital

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    AUM: $5 billion

    Formed in 2009, TLG Africa Limited is a permanent capital investment vehicle focusing on equity opportunities in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA).

    Investments include direct minority/majority stake investments, secondary opportunities and distressed fund restructurings. TLG Africa always seeks board representation, along with other minority protections.

    Notable investments include WHO pre-approved pharmaceutical plant QCIL (Uganda) and healthcare facilities in West Africa. In recognition for our efforts, our deals have won multiple awards including ‘Landmark Deal of the Decade’ in 2012 and ‘Frontier Deal of the Year’ in 2014 from Private Equity Africa.

    Areas of expertise



    Consumer goods

    Real estate

  • Total SA

    0 out of 5

    AUM: $230 billion

    Total S.A. is a French multinational integrated oil and gas company and one of the seven “Supermajor” oil companies in the world. Its businesses cover the entire oil and gas chain, from crude oil and natural gas exploration and production to power generation, transportation, refining, petroleum product marketing, and international crude oil and product trading.

    Total is also a large scale chemicals manufacturer. Total is a major player in low-carbon energies.

    Total has its head office in the Tour Total in La Défense district in Courbevoie, west of Paris. The company is a component of the Euro Stoxx 50 stock market index

    Areas of interest:

    Exploration & Production

    Gas, Renewables & Power

    Refining & Chemicals

    Trading & Shipping

    Marketing & Services

    Total Global Services

  • Touax

    0 out of 5

    AUM $ 1.5 billion

    Touax, based in France, is now one of the leading operational leasing companies worldwide. Its four businesses – shipping containers, modular buildings, river barges, and freight railcars – meet companies’ and local government’s needs for movable, flexible solutions.

    Touax has distributed a dividend to its shareholders consistently every year since it was founded in 1855.


    Areas of Expertise

    Shipping containers

    Modular buildings

    River barges

    Freight railcars

  • TPG (Texas Pacific Group)

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    AUM : $70 billion

    TPG Capital (Texas Pacific Group) is an American investment company, it is one of the largest private equity investment firms in the world, focused on leveraged buyouts, growth capital and leveraged recapitalization investments in distressed companies and turnaround situations.

    Incubated in a family office, started and headquartered in Fort Worth and San Francisco, TPG now has over $70 billion under management.

    TPG also manages investment funds specializing in growth capital, venture capital, public equity, and debt investments.

    The firm invests in a broad range of industries including consumer/retail, media and telecommunications, industrials, technology, travel/leisure and health care.

    Areas of Expertise

    Consumer & retail

    Financial services



    Internet & digital media

    Natural resources & energy

    Real estate


  • Trans-Century

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    AUM: $190 million

    TransCentury is an Infrastructure Company listed on the Nairobi Securities Exchange (Ticker – TCL:KN) with three operating divisions across 14 countries in East, Central and Southern Africa.

    The company was established in 1997 by a group of leading Kenyan professionals and investors, who were appreciative of the opportunities to invest in growth sectors in Africa and provide such investments with the benefit of their corporate experiences. In April 2009, the company’s shares became available to qualified investors in an over-the-counter exchange operated by Dyer & Blair Investment Bank, as part of the original shareholders aims to provide a broad base of shareholders with the access to the TransCentury success story. Today TransCentury is a publicly listed Company on the Nairobi Securities Exchange.

    Areas of interest:

    Power Infrastructure: Manufacture of Electrical Cables, Conductors, Transformers and Switchgear

    Infrastructure Projects: Critical Energy and Transport Infrastructure to Support Key Pillars of the Domestic and Export Economy

    Engineering: Provision of mechanical engineering, civil engineering, transport & logistics and creneage & erection services

  • Transaction Capital

    0 out of 5

    AUM : $700 million

    Transaction Capital is a JSE-listed non-deposit taking financial services group comprising two distinct divisions that operate in highly specialised and under-served market segments.

    Transaction Capital owns businesses that operate in highly specialised and under-served segments of the South African and Australian financial services market. Its market-leading divisions, SA Taxi and Transaction Capital Risk Services (TCRS), led by entrepreneurial and experienced management teams, represent a diversified and scalable financial services platform, underpinned by a mature governance framework.

    The divisions leverage their proprietary data and technology to create value for their customers. Positioned deliberately in relation to demographic and socio-economic realities, they deliver both commercial returns and social benefits.

    Areas of Expertise




  • United Gulf Financial Services North Africa

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    AUM : $85 million

    United Gulf Financial Services-North Africa, established on November 2008, is an asset management company licensed by and working under the control of Tunisian Capital Market Authorities CMF. We offer a comprehensive access to the Tunisian financial market.

    We provide services through our different business platforms: private equity, asset management, advisory and corporate finance.

    Our clients are investors such as individuals, corporations and financial institutions.


    We believe in innovation, bold ideas and help entrepreneurs to launch their new business initiatives and support all stages of company development. We ensure each client receives insightful advices tailored to deliver the best individual solutions. We only invest in companies that we believe make positive contribution to the Tunisian economy.

    Our Funds

    Theemar investment fund is the biggest Shariaa compliant SMEs fund with a size of 50 million tunisian dinars.

    Theemar stakeholders : TIB, ICD, CDC.

    Theemar and BFPME signed an agreement to enter into a strategic partnership with the intention to support projects of common interest which contribute to the economic and social development.


    Tunisian Development Fund is a closed fund “FCPR” with a size of 10 million tunisian dinars. The fund invest in companies with strong growth potential implemented in regional development areas and focus mainly on pharmaceutical, telecommunications, technology and services sectors.

    TDF l has been subscribed for TND 9,5 Millions by the following investors: ATB, Biat, Bank of Tunisia, Amen Bank, UGB, Maghrebia insurance.

    Tunisian Development Fund ll is a private Equity Fund Shariaa Compliant with a size of 20 million dinars, aiming to support Small and Medium Enterprises located in regional development areas.

    TDF ll stakeholders: Al Baraka Bank, Maghrebia insurance, Maghrebia Vie, ATB.

    The Fund has been incepted in March 2013.

    Capitalease is a Seed Fund that provides funding to start‐ups and young and talented promoters to grow in a very early stage. The fund targets innovative business sectors and ideas.

    The fund is structured in partnership with the first private Business Incubator in Tunisia wiki startup and the first Business Angel association in Tunisia.

    Assets under management: 1 MTND


    Startup Factory is a seed Fund that provides funding for innovative young entrepreneurs in ICT field to finalize their business plan, feasibility studies and intellectual property protection in the early stage of the Project.

    Startup Factory is backed up by Ooredoo (Telecom Operator) and has developed partnership with NPDs, IT companies (GIZ, Microsoft, Education for Employment…)

    Assets under management: 2.5 MTND



    UGFS‐NA Offers discretionary portfolio that invests in Tunisia in shares of listed companies, local mutual funds, and fixed income financial products.

    Asset Under Management: 10 MTND

    We offer 3 different profiles:

    – Dynamic: 80% equities ‐ 20% bonds

    – Balanced : 50% equities ‐ 50% bonds

    – Prudent: 20% equities ‐ 80% bonds

    UGFS‐NA offers also a custom made product taking into account the limitations of the customer.

    Tunisian Equity Fund is a mutual fund that invests up to 80% in shares of Tunisian listed companies in order to achieve long‐term capital appreciation.

    Management Policy: The investment strategy aims at long term capital gains with minimum possible risk.

    Assets Under Management: 4.2 MTND.

    Objective: To provide investors with high returns by investing the funds’ assets in local securities that are listed on the Tunisian Stock Exchange.

    Weekly Net Asset Value: Every Monday from 9 to 15


    Tunisian Prudence Fund (TPF) is a prudent mutual fund that invests up to 80% in bonds in order to achieve a stable yield with acceptable performance in length and middle term. The remaining 20% are reserved of being invested in the most active shares of Tunisian listed companies and in the new introductions of the market, to take advantage of the important increases.

    TPF concerns the investors seeking a low level of risk.

    Assets under management: 3.3 MTND

    Daily Net Asset Value: from 9 to 15



    Managed in accordance with the precepts of Islamic Sharia, the objective of UGFS Islamic Fund is to provide its investors with the benefits of collective management, while respecting Islamic principles. It is subject to review by a shariaa committee.

    CEA Islamic fund targets customers wishing to take advantage of tax benefits by making mediumterm investment in shares of listed companies. Such companies must comply with Sharia and having growth potential. CEA Islamic Fund is subject to review by a sharia committee.



  • Vantage Capital

    0 out of 5

    AUM : $500 million

    In early 2005, with the investment period on the technology fund coming to an end, VCFM started to explore the possibility of raising a second fund. With the help of the Dutch Development Bank FMO, it was decided that the low interest rate environment then prevailing in SA – which represented a significant departure from the high interest rates that characterised the eighties and nineties in the country – supported the establishment of a mezzanine fund. The fund raising process culminated in the final closing of the Vantage Mezzanine Fund in November 2007, with commitments of R1,003 million ($150 million).

    Vantage Capital Fund Managers (“VCFM”) has funds under management and investments of over R8.0 billion (over $500 million). VCFM was launched in 2001 with the Vantage Technology Fund which has invested R130 million ($19 million) in ten investments ranging from small start-ups, to larger established listed entities. The fund is now in the last phases of divestiture.

    Areas of Expertise

    Waste management

    Information technology

    Real estate







    Steel recycling

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