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AiAssetX is Africa investors’ online marketplace, designed to profile project and infrastructure investment opportunities and securely connect accredited domestic and international asset owners and institutional infrastructure investors with infrastructure project developers and infrastructure fund and investment managers working in Africa. Find out how you can invest in the abundant investment hub, Africa!


Bankers Push World Bank to Unlock Secret Data For Climate Loans

As the finance industry faces mounting pressure to play its part in fighting the climate...

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COP28: The Infrastructure Corporation of Nigeria, The African Green Infrastructure Investment Bank and Solarge International BV Announce the Intention to manufacture lightweight Solar Panels with an Ultra-Low Carbon footprint in Nigeria

3 December 2023: The Infrastructure Corporation of Nigeria (InfraCorp), a US$15 billion government-backed, privately managed...

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Ai and Global investors issue Heads of State Call to Action at COP28

Announced during the Leaders Summit at COP28 in Dubai, with the goal of fighting climate...

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Africa investor (Ai) supports the Africa Climate Summit

Nairobi, Kenya, 7th September 2023 – Africa investor (Ai) participated in the African Unions’ inaugural...

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