Cheers to the New Year

Cheers to the New Year

Happy New Year,

2023 was a phenomenal year for climate and SDG’s investment leadership under Africa’s COP27 Presidency.

Ai was pleased to see its MDB Reform Roadmap recommendations endorsed by shareholders this year and to champion the institutional investor voice at President Macron’s New Global Financial Pact Summit, President Ruto’s Africa Climate Summit, The UN General Assembly SDG Review, and at COP28’s Big  Stock Take.

Again, thank you for your partnership with Ai’s Call for Climate Investment Statesmanship to Address the Private Capital Mobilization (PCM) Market Failure for Africa, emerging markets, and developing countries through Institutional Investor-Public Partnerships (IIPPs).

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A glance into our events & publishing this past year

New Global Financial Pact Summit Paris:

[ngg src=”galleries” ids=”3″ display=”basic_thumbnail” thumbnail_crop=”0″ images_per_page=”4″]Watch Dr. Hubert Danso speaking to the Net-Zero Asset Owner Alliance at the Summit for a New Global Financing Pact.


The world is facing the enormous challenges of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and acting on the climate crisis with urgency and at scale. Emerging markets and developing countries (EMDC’s) need your climate investment statesmanship now more than ever. To succeed, investment and finance must increase everywhere, but especially in the emerging markets and developing economies (EMDC’s).

We are well aware of, and grateful for, the special role and responsibility of your institutions in this context. MDBs crucially have the potential to mobilize private finance at more competitive pricing and investment at levels many times higher than in the past. Only with your support and your institutions working collaboratively not competitively, will we achieve the scale of private capital mobilization that is required to ‘close the SDG and climate financing gap’.

Time is running out. Read the full report


The inaugural Africa Climate Summit, championed by HE President Ruto, aimed to address the increasing exposure to climate change and its associated costs, both globally and particularly in Africa.

With the expectation of escalating climate crises in terms of frequency and intensity, urgent action is required to mitigate these challenges.



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Africa investor (Ai) unveiled the GEMs3.0 initiative today during COP28 Finance Day.

Over the past decade, more than 500 private investors have asked the MDBs and DFIs to make the Global Emerging Markets Database (GEMs) database available to allow investors to gain a deeper understanding of investment risk in Emerging Markets and Developing Countries (EMDC’s), helping to increase their investment in these countries.

Forced by the alarming public evidence of the tens of billions of dollars of lost opportunities and direct costs to EMDC’s of Multilateral Development Banks (MDB’s), not releasing the GEMs database to investors and credit rating agencies, MDBs have grudgingly committed to providing access to GEMs data in January 2024, through the GEMs2.0 initiative. Read more


Africa investor (Ai) participated in the 78th session of the UN General Assembly (UNGA) attended by over 130 heads of state and government and the UN Climate Week activities, under the theme ‘We Can. We Will.’

This year’s Climate Week was bigger than 2022, which was the most impactful, ambitious, and far-reaching one to date, with institutional investors, heads of state and governments, business leaders, policy change makers, local decision takers, and civil society representatives using the week as a rallying call to triple clean investments, find new solutions, take concrete action, explore new opportunities and solutions, and break down barriers to private capital mobilization at scale. This will lead to the just and optimal integration of emerging markets and developing countries (EMDCs) into the value chains of the $10trn per annum and growing, global green industrial economy.

Read more


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With more than $100trn of domestic and global institutional assets represented at the Summit, influential public and private sector investment leaders gathered at the COP28 Africa Investment Earthshot Leaders’ Summit, in the first major international gathering of institutional investors following the Africa Climate Summit. The aim is to shape an African investment Earthshot Investment Allocation Plan for the Nairobi Declaration and to mobilize private capital at a scale that can be deployed at speed, through Institutional Investor-Public Partnerships (IIPP’s) that can optimally marry African regional and global energy market demand, with Africa’s industrial and Just Energy Transformation and growth.

Hosted by the COP28 Presidency, in association with The African Union Development Agency (AUDA), The AU Continental Business Network (CBN), Africa Investor (Ai) Group, and The Energy Nexus Network (TENN), the Summit underscored that Green industrialization with global commercial, technology partnerships, and long duration offtakes, are the only way that Africa can leapfrog from a $9bn to a $7trn participation in global green value chains. Read more


Africa investor (Ai), a leading international investment group, today announced that African Governments and business leaders, were honoured at the Africa investor (Ai) NDC Investment Awards, held on the 5th of December 2023 at COP28, during The COP28 Africa Investment Earthshot Leaders Summit & NDC Investment Awards at Expo City Dubai, UAE.

These first-of-their-kind NDC Investment Awards, sponsored by the African Green Infrastructure Investment Bank (AfGIIB), were designed to recognize achievements across the main NDC 10 project sectors and reward the governments, institutions, and individuals, driving transactions and improving the investment readiness and ambition, of Africa’s NDC projects requiring $3trn of investment by 2030. The 2023 NDC Investment Awards were profiled at the Africa Climate Summit in Nairobi, with the Best Shortlisted NDC projects comprising 160 projects, representing over $35bn of NDC financing and investment opportunities, from 43 African countries and all 5 African sub regions, announced during Climate Week at the 78th Session of the UN General Assembly in New York.

Read More

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Onwards to 2024:

Let’s make 2024 The Year of PCM at Scale and Deployment at Speed, for African Green Industrial infrastructure as a globally competitive investable asset class.

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