Investment Fund for Health in Africa

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The Investment Funds for Health in Africa (IFHA) are private equity funds dedicated to small to medium size (equity) investments in private healthcare companies in Africa.

At IFHA, we invest in private healthcare companies that operate in fast-growing markets and show unique advantages over the competition. IFHA predominantly focuses on companies active in the following sectors:

Areas of Expertise

  • Care provisioning: hospitals, clinics and similar care providers.
  • Health insurance, including Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) that combine health insurance with care provision. These companies face increased regulation by insurance authorities, who often require substantial additional capital.
  • Healthcare products manufacturing, including production of pharmaceuticals, IV fluids, medical supplies, and other medical products.
  • Wholesale and distribution of healthcare products, including the distribution of pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, veterinary products, vaccines and other medical products.
  • Supporting Industries, including education, ICT services such as claims processing (related to insurance), the management and administration of care facilities, as well as buildings, equipment and medical supplies.
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