Mercury Data Sheets

Overall Progress
  • The Company has negotiated with the Ministry of Industry of the Democratic Republic of Congo the rights to build, own and operate a 1 million ton per year in Kisangani, Tshopo Province. The Ministry of Industry of the Democratic Republic of Congo will hold 20% of the shares of the Project Company (SPV) called CIMASAT and Satarem
  • The proposed project in Kisangani has land allocated, full planning consent and is technically “construction ready”.
  • The cement plant will be in operation in January 2020
  • The Consortium is seeking an experienced partner to provide support an investment vehicle to exploit this compelling investment opportunity.
  • The project cost is $235 million and presents very attractive returns


  • Grass root 1,000,000 ton per year cement plant.
  • All authorizations have been obtained: mining rights, land lease, utilities…

Raw Materials:

  • Huge limestone and clay reserves in the quarry.
  • Gypsum is available in the area as well as in the other provinces.

Fuel & Electricity:

  • Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) for the kiln burner will be bought from SNH.
  • Electricity will be produced also using HFO.
  • A 25 MW captive plant will be installed. 10 MW will be sold to the surrounding Companies at $0.15/kWh.

Cement Offtake:

  • The cement in Kisangani is presently sold between $14 and $18 per
  • 50kg bag, i.e.: $280 and $360 per Ton.
  • The imported cement from China arrives at the port at $100 per Ton.
  • We have fixed the selling price to be $6 per 50 kg bag, i.e.: $20 per Ton.

Build, operate, own Model:

  • 50 year full service concession contract signed on : April 2017
  • EPC selection, installation, and ongoing operations & maintenance.
  • 10 Year Tax exemption and No import tax