Brunswick Real Estate
Fund size: +/- SEK 4 billion
Description: Brunswick Real Estate is a market leading adviser, lender and investor in the Nordics. Their services include real estate related transactions advisory, corporate finance and investment management through credit financing and real estate investments.

The advisory team (former Leimdörfer) combines in-depth knowledge of the Nordic real estate market with an investment bank’s capital markets expertise and financing edge.

The Investment management team (former Sveafastigheter and Brunswick Real Estate Capital) includes real estate investment management and credit financing. Real estate investment management includes a wide range of structures in commercial real estate, such as real estate funds, separate investment mandates for large institutions and international managers as well as the development of rental housing. The credit financing funds are focused on secured financing of commercial real estate in the Nordic region.

The group, which is 100% owned by active partners, was formed in 2014 through a consolidation of the majority ownership in Leimdörfer, Sveafastigheter and Brunswick Real Estate Capital. As of March 2017, the companies gathered under the common brand ‘Brunswick Real Estate’. The purpose of the merger was to achieve an even better customer offering by combining the skills and experiences from all companies and employees.


Investments/Focus Areas: