Investment Managers

The challenges for investors are growing all the time.  Ever increasing accountability and liability for pension fund trustees, combined with growing complexity and choice, means that making the right decisions is more difficult than ever before.

Ai Assetx improves investor control by digitizing the co-investment, capital raising as well as broadening investor horizons, assisting in investment implementation. It is a marketplace which is designed to connect investment skill with capital and remove obstacles to performance.

The benefits of Ai AssetX include:

  • Ai AssetX is smarter, easier and quicker way to invest continentally within Africa whilst raising capital globally, enhancing investor controls.
  • The digital, centralized exchange platform, standardizes the traditional methodology to a digitally innovative, hassle free and secure co-investment environment.
  • Our Ai Fiduciary Rating system assesses the quality of project and investment.
  • Our Ai AssetX risk management and governance teams alleviate the pressure on advisors or trustees and other staff.

Join Africa’s revolutionary and leading co-investment platform.

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